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Here is the Online-Archive of the former "Jerry Lee Lewis Startpage NL", a Dutch page and the most important archive & news website for Jerry Lee Lewis fans worldwide between 2004 & 2007!

The page has seen the light of the day on 19. January 2004 by owner & webmaster Maarten van der Tol and when you are searching the Web for information about rock 'n' roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis, then you were at the right place at the time. On this site, you got the latest news about 'the Killer', his concert schedule, information about the Jerry Lee Lewis International Fanclub and an 'operating base', from which you could find a wealth of online information: fan sites, biographies, lyrics, search engines, etc. Lot's of fans around the globe got involved in the website with contribution in pictures, info, reports, links and history about The Killer.
Then, on 17. August 2007, the end. A LOSS! Maarten gave up his great online working due to personal reasons and the page disappeared.

After starting my own fan-page here in 2008 the idea grew up to bring back online the lots of interesting data from Maartens page as an archive, available again to all fans and I tried to get in touch with him. A mutual friend, Niek Van de Klundert, was helping me a lot in this case. Some months and emails later he forwarded the content of the former page to me to reset all on here. It took a long time to equalize the data-files into the system of this page here and after a number of system crashes it works now.

My thanks for this goes to my mom & webmaster Hilde Rund, she has worked hard on it over years to get my ideas with that project online again. Unfortunately we have lost due the system crashes some bits of the archive contents (mostly pictures) but all in all you can use the page as archive in the same look as before.

My special thanks goes to all the folks who gave all the reviews, pics, info and what ever to Maarten at the time and later the permission to reuseit on here. All this shows once more that all Killer fans around the world are very special, like a big family and each off them likes to share the the goodies with the whole fan community.


Thank you all!







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